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ALL ROUNDER - Aqua Teal Glitter - 12oz / 355ml
ALL ROUNDER - Aqua Teal Glitter - 12oz / 355ml
ALL ROUNDER - Aqua Teal Glitter - 12oz / 355ml
ALL ROUNDER - Aqua Teal Glitter - 12oz / 355ml
ALL ROUNDER - Aqua Teal Glitter - 12oz / 355ml
ALL ROUNDER - Aqua Teal Glitter - 12oz / 355ml
Insulated stainless steel coffee tumbler in green teal glitter floating
ALL ROUNDER - Aqua Teal Glitter - 12oz / 355ml
two tumblers cheers green glitter blue
bevigo teal aqua glitter 12oz wine tumbler stainless steel insulated cup
ALL ROUNDER - Aqua Teal Glitter - 12oz / 355ml
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    ALL ROUNDER - Aqua Teal Glitter - 12oz / 355ml

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      Our Aqua-Teal, glitter finish All-Rounder cup is great for those on the go. Like all Bevigo products, it has a premium food-grade stainless finish and uses our tried and tested double-wall & vacuum sealed insulation technology.

      From Wine & Cocktails to the classic English Breakfast - you name it, our All-Rounder can do it. Lightweight, portable, and with a leak-resistant sealing lid, the Bevigo was made for trips to the beach, backyard BBQs, or even on your favourite late-night escapades.

      No more fragile, breakable glass drinkware, or single-use plastics - our new-era stainless steel insulated cups are reusable, suitable for all occasions, and are built to last.

      What more could you really ask for?

      • Modern stemless wineglass design - Hold 12oz (355ml)
      • Stays cold for 10 hours - Also works for hot drinks, keeping them toasty for up to 4-6 hours*
      • 18/8 stainless steel - Built to last, your Bevigo is shatterproof and safe for the poolside, beach, or other glass-wary zones
      • Sea & Pool friendly - our range floats, saving your Bevigo from being forever lost against accidental drops overboard
      • BPA-Free & non-toxic - Made from top food-grade materials, so no funny metallic taste and no nasties here, so nothing leaching into your beverage
      • Sweat free -Say goodbye to little (drink) sweat puddles, or scalded fingers. Your All-Rounder cup remains condensation-free, and not hot to the touch
      • Non-slip silicone base - Protects your beverage and surfaces, keeping them free from scratches
      • Easy-sip shatterproof and leak-resistant lid included - No more little bugs or debris floating around in your favourite beverage. Includes a leak-resistant sealable lid, for any accidental knock-overs. We recommend keeping the mouthpiece open when inserting & removing the lid for ease.   


      * All tests conducted at room temperature weather with the lid on.

      Note: When the lid is used with drinks at very hot temperatures, the steam build-up may cause the lid to lift sightly. It's best to keep the mouthpiece open to avoid this from happening.   


      - Keep the lid open for easier removal or insertion
      - For even better results, swill your Bevigo with hot water prior to putting in hot drinks / cold water prior to putting in cold drinks & use the lid
      - To clean dirty lids, soak in very hot, soapy water - for stubborn stains we recommend a little vinegar and baking soda action ;)
      - Although leak-resistant, we would recommend exercising caution when the contents of your All-Rounder are piping hot, as sometimes steam can cause the lid to rise a little if closed
      Care: - Clean with hot soapy water & soft sponge or dishcloth
      - All Items are hand wash only
      - Do not microwave
      Approximate Sizes: BEVIGLOO: 16cm x 8cm
      ALL-ROUNDER: 11cm x 8cm
      LA FLUTE: 13cm x 5cm
      STRAWS: 21cm
      Material: 18/8 grade stainless steel body, medical grade silicone gasket
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